Stepping Out On Faith

Monday, July 03, 2006

I want to give all the praises and glory unto God Almighty for each day that he allows me be here and share his glory with others. I pray that I continue to allow him to be my CEO in all that I do and not move to the left or right without consulting him first and allowing him to have the final say so. I just got my own travel business where travel arrangements can be booked on my website at it is just like booking on Expedia and any of the other travel sites with competitive prices. Sometimes lower or the same prices as the other booking sites have. And if anyone is interested in getting into the business themselves the website for that is and click on the presentation icon for a 20 minute presentation about the travel business and my phone number is also on that site as well along with the email address feel free to contact me with any questions. In Decmber 2006 is when the business will go public and Success Magazine will dedicate the whole magazine to the company, so get in now before it goes public it has nine ways to make money, you make money from your own travel and others travel booked on your site, it offers medical insurance also and low vacation rates for the referring travel agaents. So check out the web site and be blessed.